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Ski and Snowboard Roof Boxes – regular and foldable

While ski and snowboard racks will get the job done, with the job being able to transport skis and snowboards, it’s a good idea to buy a roof box if you want them to be really secured and protected. A rack is basically open, while a box is closed. This means that your gears will be safely inside away from the elements like sun, rain and snow.

In addition to your ski and snowboard, you can also place other valuables in there like your boots. You can even place your bags if there’s still room. You don’t have to worry about theft because they’re safely inside.

They’re also very convenient to use. Just open the box to load your gears and then lock them in. Once you’re at your destination, or when you’re at a stopover and you want to get something inside the box, just go ahead and open the box.

You even have two options for the ski and snowboard roof box. You can get the regular one or you can get a foldable one. The main difference is the foldable one can be folded for easy storage.

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