Roof Box and Basket

Rear Mounted Cargo

In most cases, a roof mounted box or carrier makes the most sense. After all, they don’t get in the way and will provide you with a lot of space. However, it’s not that convenient for some people because you need to go up the roof in order to load and unload the cargo. It’s also a bit concerning if you’re going to pass by a lot of infrastructures with low clearance.

If these are your concerns, then you can check out a rear mounted cargo. It’s basically a cargo box. The only difference is this one’s going to be mounted at the rear. This means that you can easily access it whenever you need to; no ladders needed.

Trunk access can be a concern, but there are models that can be tilted. This way, you can just tilt them so you can easily access the trunk. You may also want to buy one that has adapters for the license plate and tail lights for safety and security purposes.

A good rear mounted cargo box should be able to carry around 150 pounds of cargo. That’s a lot of cargo to fit in there so you can just imagine how it can help you.

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