Bike Carriers

Rear Door Mounted Bike Carriers

What if your car doesn’t have a tow bar? Should you settle for a roof mounted carrier? You also have another option – a rear door mounted bike carrier.

Basically, this bike carrier will be mounted on the rear door, also known as the trunk. The setup is basically the same as the tow bar mounted one. The only difference is you won’t have easy access to the trunk when the bikes are loaded. You can still access the trunk, but the bikes can get in the way.

Is that really an issue? It shouldn’t be because most of the time, you only need to access the trunk when you’re at the location anyway. This means that you can just unload the bikes first which is just like the tow bar mounted one in such a way that it’s very easy.

Just like the tow bar mounted bike carrier, the rear door mounted one is also convenient and safe. You can also use it to transport up to 4 bikes. You can also easily remove it and store it inside the trunk for days when you don’t need it. If you’re going to choose a good model, it won’t harm you car’s trunk in any way.

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