Roof Racks

Load Carrier Feet / Fixation Systems

A roof carrier system is only as good as its feet. After all, the feet are the ones that attach the loading bars and your preferred loading option to the roof of the vehicle. Choose a bad fixation system and your cargo will go flying along the freeway. Choose a good one with sturdy feet and your cargo will remain safe and secure.

What should you look for in a load carrier feet? Of course, they should be strong and sturdy. You should feel confident that they’ll secure your cargo in place. It’s also a good idea to make sure that they’re low profile so as not to mess up the overall look of your vehicle. You should also look for feet that don’t require you to drill any holes. On that note, make sure that the feet are compatible with your vehicle. This is important if your vehicle doesn’t have rain gutters.

A good fixation system should also be very versatile. It should allow you to use whatever loading option you have in mind and it should allow you to switch from one loading option to another as the need arises.

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