Load bars

Without load bars, the feet won’t really help you load more cargo on your car. You need to complement the feet with good load bars. This is where you’re going to secure your cargo, so it’s important that you choose load bars that have the following characteristics – strong, sturdy and durable.

These characteristics don’t need any explanation. They need to be strong because they’re designed to provide your car with more cargo space. You have no use for load bars that are going to break in half just because you secured a hundred pounds worth of cargo to them. They should also be sturdy or else, you’re going to worry about your cargo flying off of your car as soon as you pick up speed. Of course, it should also be durable especially if you plan on going on out of town trips with a lot of cargo very often.

There are other characteristics that the load bars should have. They should be aerodynamic so as not to slow down your car. They should be quiet as well for obvious reasons.

All-in-one racks

Are you one of those people who don’t want to be bothered with details and options? Are you someone who’s very busy, but require additional cargo space every now and then? If yes, then you don’t have to check out different options. Just go ahead and buy a complete all-in-one rack. This rack is so versatile that it can match all of the most common needs of people looking for additional cargo space in their vehicle.

Another benefit is it doesn’t require that much assembly. It will come pre-assembled so that’s one less thing to worry about. You just need to install it on your car which should be pretty easy provided that you get one from a trusted brand.

Since this option is complete, you can just go ahead and install it and you’re ready for an out of town trip with family or friends. It’s ready to provide your vehicle with additional cargo space and you don’t need to buy anything else.

Just buy, install, and use. It doesn’t get any easier than that. This explains why a lot of people prefer complete and all-in-one racks.

Load Carrier Feet / Fixation Systems

A roof carrier system is only as good as its feet. After all, the feet are the ones that attach the loading bars and your preferred loading option to the roof of the vehicle. Choose a bad fixation system and your cargo will go flying along the freeway. Choose a good one with sturdy feet and your cargo will remain safe and secure.

What should you look for in a load carrier feet? Of course, they should be strong and sturdy. You should feel confident that they’ll secure your cargo in place. It’s also a good idea to make sure that they’re low profile so as not to mess up the overall look of your vehicle. You should also look for feet that don’t require you to drill any holes. On that note, make sure that the feet are compatible with your vehicle. This is important if your vehicle doesn’t have rain gutters.

A good fixation system should also be very versatile. It should allow you to use whatever loading option you have in mind and it should allow you to switch from one loading option to another as the need arises.

Roof Racks

If you’re looking for more cargo space, your search should start with a roof rack. It may seem like it’s just for decoration purposes, but it actually helps people lug around more cargo. This is because it’s the important first step in adding more cargo space because this is where you’re going to add more loading options later on.

Basically, a roof rack has two parts – the load carrier feet and the bars. The feet will keep the bars in place and this is where you can add the loading options.

You don’t actually need to use them for additional cargo space because they look amazing especially on an SUV. A good roof rack will add to the streamlined look of a vehicle. But why say no to additional cargo space, right? Just go ahead and install one and just use it whenever needed. You may not need extra cargo space now, but you’ll surely need it later on. It pays to be prepared.