Roof Box and Basket

Carrier Baskets

Sometimes, the space provided by even the biggest roof box is not enough. This is especially true if you lug around long and bulky cargo. Don’t trade in your SUV for a truck just yet, because carrier baskets can save the day.

A carrier basket is basically an open basket where you can secure your cargo. It’s constructed in such a way that you can secure your gear easily and efficiently. Since it’s an open basket, you can load even the bulkiest cargo that adventurous families carry around. You can secure a cooler filled with drinks and food for a picnic getaway. You can secure skis and even surfboards. It doesn’t matter what your family’s idea of a weekend adventure is. Carrier baskets can help you carry the things that you need.

If you choose a good model, you can even explore its versatility by adding more carriers to it. Just make sure that you’re choosing one from a trusted brand especially if you plan on going off-road with it. Also, a carrier basket from a trusted brand shouldn’t affect aerodynamics that much and shouldn’t produce a lot of noise while you’re driving.

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