RV Awning Tent

How big is your RV? No matter how big or small it is, you won’t be staying inside all throughout your vacation. RVs are just for comfort when traveling. Basically, you’ll feel like you’ll be traveling with your home. But once you’re at your destination or when you’re at a stopover, you’d want to stay outside the RV. The question is – where are you going to stay?

You can stay outside the RV but it’s not really comfortable especially if you’re exposed to the elements like the sun, wind and rain. You can install an awning but that’s not going to give your family privacy which is a huge deal especially if you’re parked in an RV park. Fortunately, there’s a solution – an RV awning tent.

It’s just like an awning for the RV but it’s designed to function like a tent. Simply put, you’re protected from all sides and angles. You’re also getting the privacy that you’re looking for.

Basically, it will be like getting an extension for your RV. You can use the tent to hang out or even eat. You can also use it to sleep in if you prefer to sleep “underneath the stars”. Just make sure that you’re buying a good model!

RV Roof Boxes

If you think that your RV has more than enough room for your belongings, then try going on a trip with your family. You’ll soon find out that no matter how big your RV is, you could use a little bit more room.

What’s the answer? Should you trade your RV in for a bigger one? You’ll encounter the same problem. Generally speaking, you can benefit from a little more room and you can get it by installing RV roof boxes.

These boxes are designed to be installed in the roof of your RV. You can use this box as extra storage space. You can use it to store your bags or even camping equipment. This way, you can save on precious space so you can travel comfortably with your family.

You don’t have to worry because they’re designed to be strong and sturdy. Just focus on the long and leisurely drive because as long as you choose a good RV roof box, your stuff inside the box will stay protected.

Roof boxes are used for all types of vehicles including cars and SUVs because they do an amazing job at providing more space. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one for your RV as well.

RV Awnings

A trip with the family on an RV won’t be complete without the family hanging out outside the RV while enjoying some drinks and roasting some mallows on the campfire. Of course, you have to make sure that your family is protected from the elements. This is especially true if the sun is out on full force.

This is where an RV awning can help you. This awning can be easily attached on your RV and will provide your family with the shade that you all need. If you make sure that you’re buying one that’s big enough for your family, your family can sit and hang out comfortably while protected from the elements.

An RV trip is usually not one long one. It’s a series of trips with a lot of stopovers in between. This is because you all need to rest and you also need to check out attractions along the way. During these times, you can benefit from a good RV awning so you can relax and just enjoy your vacation even if you’ve stopped over.

The installation should be very easy and using one should be easier. Usually, it’s just a matter of pulling out the awning and securing it in place. This sure beats having to set up a tent!

Wall Mounted Awnings

Wall Mounted RV AwningsThis is the most popular type of awning. As the name suggests, these awnings are attached along the wall of the RV. They can be easily reached so setting one up in your RV should be very easy.

One of the best things about wall mounted awnings is they’re very streamlined. They’re designed to fit in so that they won’t affect the overall look of your RV. People won’t really know that it’s there until you pull it out and provide your family with shade that you all need.

RVs come in different lengths and so do wall mounted awnings. Maximize the length of your RV by buying a wall mounted awning that’s almost the same length of the wall of your RV. This way, you can give your family a lot of room under the awning, and maybe even provide room for the family that you just met who doesn’t have a wall mounted awning on their RV!

Roof Mounted Awnings

Roof Mounted RV AwningsIf you’re looking for more height for your awning, you have to get a roof mounted one for your RV. Instead of the awning running alongside the wall, it will run alongside the roof. Obviously, it will be higher.

Aside from that, they’re not really that different. Roof mounted awnings provide the same thing as wall mounted ones. They provide you and your family shade where you can hang out while you’re on your trip with the RV. It’s just that they’re designed to be higher. If you have a tall RV, you may want to get a roof mounted awning to maximize the height of your RV. After all, you wouldn’t want to put all that height to waste.

Now, setting up the awning manually may be a problem since they’re higher, and this is why it’s a good idea to explore motorized roof mounted awnings. This way, you don’t have to use a ladder just to unroll the awning. Just park the RV, turn on the motorized awning, and secure it in place! Soon enough, your family will be sharing stories and bonding while staying protected from the elements.

Window Awnings

Window RV AwningsOne problem that a lot of RV owners face is the interiors can get pretty hot especially when they’re already parked. This is because the window lets the sunshine in and “bakes” the car’s interiors. You can’t really leave the AC running especially since you’re parked, so you have to make sure that you keep the temperature inside your RV comfortable.

You can draw the curtains, but how about the view? You’ll park at an amazing location with a nice view and it would be a shame if the curtains are drawn in. This is why using window awnings makes better sense. They’re designed to minimize the effects of the sun while not getting in the way. Think of it like the window awnings used in homes. It’s basically the same. You’re just experiencing the benefits in your RV.

There are a lot of designs to choose from so choose one that matches your RV. Also, make sure that you’re buying a sturdy one that can withstand the elements like rain and wind. This way, it can keep protecting your RV from too much sun and it will look good doing it.

RV Bike Carriers

For a lot of families, their idea of the perfect vacation is to drive an RV to a faraway location where they can do a lot of things like hike, camp and bike. Hiking and camping shouldn’t be a problem since you can easily bring your gears with you inside the RV or motorhome. How about your bikes? It’s not really a good idea to travel with them inside the RV because it won’t be safe for your family and for the bikes.

This is why RV bike carriers are developed. With these carriers, you can safely and securely attach your bikes outside the RV. You can easily bring the bikes of the whole family which will make your vacation complete. After all, biking is one of the best family activities while on vacation.

One of the best things provided by these bike carriers is space. Sure, your RV or motorhome has a lot of space inside, but you know that every inch is needed because you’re traveling with a lot of people and their things. Since your bikes will be attached outside the RV, you’re preserving the space inside the vehicle.

If you choose a good bike carrier, loading and unloading the bikes will be very easy and they won’t get in the way.

Bike Bags & Racks

Are you into biking? You must know that there’s a huge challenge when it comes to this hobby/sport. Bikes don’t really come with something that you can use to carry your stuff with you. Sure, there’s usually space for a water bottle, but what about the other necessities like a towel, change of clothes, first aid kit and additional water bottles?

This is where bike bags and racks can help you. Simply put, they’re designed to provide you with space where you can put your belongings. This is quite helpful if you often go on long bike rides. You see, you don’t need to end up at a faraway location without your necessities. With a good bike bag or rack, you can ride prepared.

They’re also very useful for short bike commutes and are a must for bike commuters. With a bike bag and rack system, you don’t need to carry a bag with you so you can focus on biking and keep both your hands on the handlebar. These bags and racks can help anyone from messengers with documents to deliver to lawyers with inches of case files to carry.

You have several options for these systems. They can either be attached to the side or at the front. One thing’s for sure – they’re a must for all bikers, whether you bike in an urban or rural jungle.

Bike CaseBike Transport Cases

How do you travel with your bike? There’s a good chance that you really don’t because it’s a pain to travel with bikes. Sure, you can buy a bike carrier for your car, but what if you’re flying? Even traveling with a spare bike wheel can be a challenge. You have to worry about how to keep your bike safe and protected while in transit.

These issues are solved with the help of bike transport cases. They’re designed to help bikers travel with their bikes with ease. They’re cleverly designed to help secure and protect bikes while in transit, and some of them are approved by airlines for air travel.

These bike transport cases are designed to secure the frame and the wheels separately. Yes, you need to disassemble your bike but this shouldn’t be an issue because this helps you have an easier time traveling with your bike. A good bike transport case will make sure that the wheels and the frame are safely away from one another, making sure that your bike won’t end up with scratches and other damages.

These transport cases are also very durable, so feel free to use one the next time you travel with your bike!

waterproof pannier bagPannier Bags

Bike commuters can greatly benefit from having a pannier bag on their bike. Pannier bags may seem small, but they’re actually very roomy provided that you get one from a trusted bag. It should be able to store a lot of your belongings like files and even electronics. Best of all, they help protect your belongings from harmful elements like dust, sun and rain!

These bags can be easily installed at the side of your bike, making sure that they’re not in the way. This way, you can focus on your bike commute and not have to worry about how you’re going to carry your things. Pedal and bike normally. They’re not going to make biking harder. On the contrary, they’re going to make it easier.

These bags can also be removed easily which is useful so you can grab it and go. They have amazing designs like what you’d normally find on daypacks. This way, you don’t have to carry another bag. Just load your things to the bag, put it on your bike, pedal to your destination, remove it from your bike, and go on with business!

Rear Rack FenderRacks

These racks complement the pannier bags. They make bike commuting very easy. All you need to do is to install a rack on your bike and you can then easily add a pannier bag to your bike.

These racks are cleverly designed to fit most common bikes so you don’t have to worry about the shape, size or design. Just choose one from a good brand. This will also ensure that installation will be very easy.

One great thing about these racks is they don’t get in the way. They’re very minimalist and designed not to affect how you bike. They’re also very lightweight. You don’t have to worry because they’re very sturdy and durable. Again, just make sure that you buy one from a trusted brand.

Bike commuting is a challenge because it’s hard to bring your belongings with you while biking. With a good rack on your bike, it won’t be a challenge anymore provided that you buy a good pannier bag with it.

front bike basketBaskets

Baskets have been around for generations. In fact, you probably grew up riding a bike with a basket where you placed anything from your toys to flowers while you biked. Baskets have virtually remained the same through the years. The same concept is still there. The main difference is baskets now are better because they’re sturdier, stronger, and can handle a bigger load.

These baskets can be easily installed or removed on any bike. You can place it at the front or at the back of your bicycle. With a good basket, the possibilities are endless. Place your bag in it on your bike commute to work. Use it for a short grocery or shopping trip. With the added space, your bike will become more versatile.

You don’t have to worry about the basket messing up the look of your bike. In fact, these baskets can even improve your bike’s looks. This is because manufacturers took modern design into consideration. It will be like the basket came with the bike, and it will look amazing.

These baskets are stylish and provide you with a lot of space. If you’re looking to get the most out of your bike, you need to get one. Use one and you’ll wonder how you biked without one